CHAPTER I : General dispositions


Article 1 : Name

Under the name « Apprentis du Monde « (in short ADM) an association is defined as a non profit making association following articles 60 from Swiss civil code

It duration is illimited.
Registered to the Registered of Commerce

Article 2 : Home

The association is based at Sierre. 

Article 3 : Aim

The objectives of ADM are:


  1. To give  the deprived young, boys and girls the opportunity of an apprenticeship to learn a skill
  2. To help if necessary for the support required for the apprenticeship (financial help for studies, accommodations etc...)
  3. To develop technical trainings to help young  in their professional life
  4. To give to the young a human school studies to allow the apprentice afterwards
  5. To create if necessary, some welcoming accommodations for the young apprentices
  6. To cooperate with the governmental, scientific, religious organisations with the similar objectives and views


The Association is therefore enabled to practice all social activities.


Article 4 : Funds

The funds of the Association are provided by donations (financial and material) and the yield of the fortune of the association... 

Only the social asset is valid for the social debts; all personal responsability of the members is excluded.




Article 5 : Members

The Association can at any time accept new members.

Article 6 : Admittance

Admittance needs to be agreed by the Director.

Article 7 : Refused admittance

The director is the only competent body to accept a new member. A refusal does not need to be justified. However, the refused candidate can ask in writing the request which will be submitted at the next general assembly for a detailed explanation.

Article 8 : Loss of membership

La qualité de membre se perd par:

- Resignation

- Exclusion

If a member died, the benficiary have a one year delay to decide if a new member will be carried on. The director cannot refuse the new member.

Article 9 : Resignation

The resignation must be done in writing by a recorded delivery letter to the Director within 3 months before the end of the calendar year.

Article 10 : Exclusion

Those who do not fill in the obligations or who does not follow the ethics of the association can be suspended temporarily or excluded permanently by decision of the Director after hearing session. 

The suspended or excluded member can have a hearing at the next assembly
Also those who by their conduct, infringes the objectives of the association or contravenes the status regulations

 Article 11 : Effects of exit or exclusion

Any exited or excluded members lose their right to the apprenticeship and any benefits that they have received.




Article 12 : Organisation

The aims of the association are:

- General Assembly

- Direction

Article 13 : General Assemby

The decisions of the association are taken during the general assembly. The proposals to which all partners have agreed by writing are equivalent top a decision by the Assembly.

The Assembly is the supreme power of the association
It is convened by the Director
The association is committed by the collective signatures of its presidents and one of the members of the committee .

 Article 14 : Right to vote

All members have a legal right to vote at the General meeting Assembly. The decisions  are made by with the majority of votes of all present members.

Article 15 : Skills of the General Assembly

The skills of the General Assembly are as follow:

  1. decides on the admission or exclusion of a member
  2. Nominate the president and other members of the director
  3. Manages the business of other bodies which are not related to social activity
  4. control the activity of social bodies and dismisses them if necessary without any prejudice

Article 16 : Statuts Modifications

Any status modification require a decision taken with the majority of the 2 third if present members

Article 17 : Social objective Transformation

The social objective transformation cannot be enforced to any partner

Article 18 : Director

The director is made of a directorate committee of 3 to 6 members elected by the General Assembly, for a duration of 3 years which is renewable as well as larger comity composed of accepted members. The larger committee helps the main comity in daily tasks upon comittee request.

The direction includes a president, a Company secretary and accountant. Only the President is nominated by the Assembly.



CHAPITRE IV : Final provisions

Article 19 : Dissolution

The association can decide of its dissolution at any time

In case of dissolution, its asset and wealth will be transferred to another association with the same benefits and with the similar goals Any compensation to the founders is excluded.


Status approved during the General Assembly of the ADM Association on the 25 January 2012/modified on the 1st of October 2014.