Material and financial help

Apprentis Du Monde handles the search of financial and material resources depending on the current projects and developments required in Cameroun
The help provided by ADM from 1991 to 2015 arise to the sum of CHF 2'503'000.--,

- 40 % in material= CHF 1'001'000.--

- 60 % in money= CHF 1'502'000.--

So an annual average of  CHF 100'000.—

The monies raised are used to partially support the apprenticeship cost (school fees, food and hygiene), the purchase of material which was not provided, the logistic and admin fees.

Each project is subject to a specific funding. However if a delay occur for a specific project due to various problems (administrative, power cut, theft, weather conditions or others) the allocated amount may be transferred to another current project.


The sponsorship of the pupils serves to help the apprentices who lack of finances and are supported by private persons or communities.
For the period from 1991 to 2015 the sum of CHF 276'457.30 has been handed out to various apprentice centres.
The sum given by the sponsor is not given to the apprentice but to the centre where the student is currently studying. Also, the student has no contact with his sponsor. This to avoid friction between the students.

At the end the apprenticeship, the student receives the necessary training equipment useful for his trade. He is however liable for a 1/3 of the value of the given material. He has 3 years to reimburse this sum or alternatively, he can work for free for the association until the grant is fully paid. This is to ensure they understand the value of money and the help provided by ADM.

The persons interested in applying a sponsorship can complete the form using this link.

*The detailed breakdown can be obtained on request