In Switzerland

Search for financial and material help, apprentice programs, sponsors for the teenagers to satisfy the requests of the partners on site using:

- Private and anonymous donations from administration or associations
- Sponsors who agree to help financially for the tuition fees of an apprentice. The sponsorship allow to isolated apprentices to follow a technical training in a centre recognised by The Apprentis du Monde, state or private schools.
-  The setting of stalls in exhibitions (commercial centre, concerts, schools, charity raffle lottery etc…)



The members of the Comite and Main Comite are dealing with the good working of the association in their respective tasks.
For regular events (manifestation etc...) they can have the support of the extended Committee


In Cameroun

Setting up the structures to provide the necessary help for the apprenticeship together with a theorical and practical base using:

- The partnership between private and religious groups already on site for the merchandise and practical duties
- The help of other exiting centres.
-  The creating of new centres.

Under the direction of the representant of the Association, the committee is composed of the consultant and of the Manager of the concerned centre