"Masih Iqbal "CENTRE

- Masonry, carpentry

First Centre has been entirely set up by "Apprentis Du Monde", situated in a town of 30 00 inhabitants. Operating since 1998, it is used as a “window” to show the possible activities running since 1998, for the apprenticeship programmes
After the success of the carpentry training, the Centre has since set up masonry training.
The aim of this operation is to give the necessary training to the apprentices so they can build themselves a home in their village.
This Centre named after a 12 years old Pakistanis, who was murdered by his employees for voicing his concerns about the working conditions contains:
- A workshop for practical studies
- Classrooms for theorical studies
- Living accommodations

The first year of training in masonry is during the dry season in order to learn the skills required for the rainy season, therefore some work can be done to improve and maintain the Centre:
- Execution of an enclosure wall ~280ml.
-Library ~150 m2
- 5 studios for renting (6.50/6.00 m.)
- Shed for material and storing equipment

General view of the Centre
Carpentry (1998 – 2010)
Carpentry (1998 – 2010)
Carpentry (1998 – 2010)
Drawing room
Masonry (2010 - )
View of the Centre
Masonry (2010 - )
Enclosure wall foundation
Masonry (2010 - )
Metallic fence to be replaced by a wall